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Coastal Massage & Wellness Clinic, LLC focuses on healing and repairing the body to its normal, yet better state.

Founded by Cat Nelson, Coastal is a therapeutic/medical massage clinic that focuses on the following: headaches, sinus pressure, plantar fasciitis (foot pain), carpal tunnel syndrome, stiff neck, stiff shoulder, back pain, and much more.


Coastal can help with localized pain areas and reducing tension during stressful situations.  

We also work with early stage dementia patients, stroke patients, individuals dealing with anxiety, and ADD/ADHD.


Our goal is to keep prices affordable. However, we must have a high return rate of customers to accomplish this goal. In other words, the more repeat customers, the lower the prices.


Coastal Massage & Wellness Clinic, LLC is excited to announce our partnership with

Pure Platinum Health & Fitness, LLC.


The Partners


Coastal Massage & Wellness Clinic (CMWC) focuses on three components of health and wellness:

internal (stress, aches, and pain), external (weight management and healthy eating), and spiritual (life goals and mediation). Take a break from your busy schedule to indulge your senses and better your body.  Relax with Coastal Massage & Wellness, or Jump into a workout class with Pure Platinum Health & Fitness, or just sit and plan out your next major life goal with Dr.Jesse Nelson. Indulge in healthy pleasures to optimize your body, soothe your mind, and get in touch with your spirit.


The Services



3400A Highway 77, Lynn Haven, Florida 32405

Tel: 1-850-890-6865

(We do not answer phone calls during massage sessions, please leave a massage or text)


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Location: 3400A Highway 77, Lynn Haven, FL 32405

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